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Sunday, April 2, 2017


Friends and Allies,

We are workers, you and I. We work partly out of necessity, but also because it is through work that the conditions for life are created.  We want to live and work with dignity!  Now we find that even this simple desire is under threat.  On May first, International Workers Day, you and I are called to testify that all workers need to be protected, regardless of their age, gender identity, social class or immigration status.

The May 1st Action Coalition is calling for a General Strike on May 1st, 2017 (International Workers’ Day).  We are responding to a nationwide call for a strike on that day, as well as to many in our community who have asked for a strong response to attacks by the new administration on labor in general, and immigrant workers in particular.

We also recognize that we are not just workers.  We have families, friends and myriad ties to our various communities.  The White House conspires to fund a massive increase in military spending while cutting virtually everything else.  Our people deserve and expect more:

  • Affordable housing.


  • Living wage jobs.


  • Universal health care.


  • Fully funded education.


  • Freedom to organize and maintain unions.


  • Equal pay for equal work.


  • Clean water, clean air, respect and care for mother earth.


  • Fair trade with other nations.


  • Respect for the Treaty Rights of our indigenous Nations.


  • Community-based solutions to safety that don’t rely on police, prisons, and immigration enforcement/ICE

Most importantly, we strike against the climate of fear spreading into every corner of our communities.  While the Administration rails against “foreign” terrorists, it has unleashed its own terrorist organization, ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).  ICE agents kidnap their victims, at work or home, without warning or warrants.  They separate children from parents and wives from husbands.  They deport or incarcerate without any pretense of due process.  The very purpose of ICE is to spread terror – to serve as a warning to all of us of what we could face if we resist.

We want to rebuild our society from one that legislates hate to one that promotes peace and respect. We want the wars to stop and we want to stop the repression and continued “illegality” of our compatriots and their families!  We know that we workers can obtain those things. With all this in mind, we are asking you to join us in the streets on May 1st – to walk with us in solidarity as fellow workers to show the powers-that-be we will not be silenced.

We won’t stand for border walls, indefinite detention without charge or trial, mass deportations and separation of families.  We also oppose the apparent bias of these actions that disproportionately targets non-whites, Muslims or other minorities.  

In addition, we are asking you to call the city council, the mayor’s office, the county council, the county Executive and our Governor to declare May 1st a holiday (as it is around the world), to ensure that government workers can join us!

We are asking all businesses to honor their workers request for the day off so they can also join us.

This is not an action against businesses. This is an action against national governance and policy that is inhumane, repressive, unwarranted, counterproductive and fiscally destructive.

We have been fighting separately for too long and this negligence and separation must cease.  It can for at least one day: May Day! 


In Solidarity,

El Comité and the May 1st Action Coalition

May 1st Rally and March

Save the Date 2017 Final (English)

Location: Judkins Park, 2150 S Norman St. Seattle

Time: rally starts @ 11:00 AM; march at 1:00PM
Contact us: 206 650 2106 or 465-5511-


Twitter Tag: #MayDaySea