Press Release from NCFHR on Obama Administration’s Reluctance on Immigrant Rights.


Press Release from the National Committee for Fair and Humane Immigration Reform, of which we are a member. Read Below. To clarify, this is not an official position that the El Comite has adopted. However, we thought it did bring up some talking points that merit attention.




Contact Persons:

Carlos Arango, (773) 988-1408carango957@aol.com – Chicago

Juan Jose Bocanegra, (206) 650-2106bocajj1@comcast.net– Seattle

Armando Vasquez-Ramos, (562)-972-0986armando.vazquez-ramos@csulb.edu – Long Beach

Nativo Lopez, (714) 423-4800nativolopez@yahoo.com – Los Angeles/Orange





The National Coordinating Committee 2014 for Fair and Humane Immigration Reform qualifies President Barack Obama’s decision to delay any administrative relief to the undocumented immigrant communities until after the November mid-term elections as politically deceptive and manipulative not only to immigrant families but to the electorate at large.

“Each day that the president delays administrative relief through executive action another 1,000 persons are separated from their loved ones and deported, and thus, more families devastated and undermined economically,” stated Carlos Arango of the Alliance for Immigrants Rights in Chicago, Illinois.  More than two million deportations have occurred during the last six years of the Obama presidency.

“Another deception added to many previously committed against immigrant communities is how we interpret this latest broken promise by Obama,” declared Professor Armando Vasquez-Ramos of California-Mexico Studies Center based in Long Beach, California.  “He has clearly defined his remaining years as lame duck Deporter-in-Chief, and this will be his legacy,” concluded Vasquez-Ramos.

“Obama cannot be trusted in matters of immigration, if any for that matter.  He has executed the most systematic all-encompassing state apparatus to perpetuate the vulnerability of immigrant workers and their families, particularly Mexicans and Latinos generally, than any other period of American history,” observed Nativo Lopez, advisor to Hermandad Mexicana of Los Angeles, California.

“If there was any time for Latino voters to consider political independence from both major political parties, Democrat and Republican, now is the time,” commented Juan Jose Bocanegra of the May Day Coalition in Seattle, Washington.  “President Obama has taken the Latino community and voter for granted and has put party interests over the broad humanitarian interests of millions of hard-working families,” he charged.

The National Coordinating Committee 2014 is now preparing to convene consultative assemblies within immigrant communities nationally to discuss influencing the immigrant rights movement towards independence of political parties, but focused on holding the president to his new promise of executive action before the end of 2014.