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contact: Leah Grupp-Williams,,

May 1st March and Rally: In celebration of International Worker’s Day AND in support of a Just and Humane Immigration Reform
Wednesday, May 1st, 2013: 1PM
Rally at St Mary’s Church (611 20th Ave. S, Seattle, WA 98114). March to the Federal Building (915 2nd Ave).
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On Facebook: May 1st Action Coalition

We need 200 volunteers for this year’s march, which we are expecting to be huge. Peacekeepers are the eyes and ears of the march. You are part of this big day of action, walking with marchers, keeping people safe, and reporting any concerns to your team captain. Minimum age: 16.
Recruit your friends! You can form a peacekeeping team (6-12 people) by asking friends, family, or coworkers to join you. Team captains must attend a training on Saturday, April 27th, from 10am-12pm.

Day of: Arrive to Judkins Park by 1pm to sign in and be assigned to a team. You are done when we arrive at the Federal Building. We will need about 20 people to stay and help with stage security – please let me know if you are willing.

We need about 50 volunteers who will be responsible for orienting people as they arrive at Judkins Park. This will involve greeting people and helping them find the rally. When the rally is over, you will help gather people and move them onto Lynn Street to begin the march.

Day of: Arrive to Judkins Park by 12:15pm to sign in and pick up a T-shirt. You are done when the march leaves the park.

Bucket Brigade
Bucket Brigade volunteers collect donations from participants during the march. This is a great job for youth wanting to volunteer.

Day of: Arrive to Judkins Park by 1pm to sign in and begin gathering donations in big paint buckets. The bucket brigade will then set up on Jackson Street for the march to pass through. You are done once the march has passed through the bucket brigade and we have loaded the buckets into the truck.

Bike Brigade
We need 2 more volunteers to join the bike brigade. Members will be provided with bicycles and will be an addition to our communications and peacekeeping teams. Your job will be to ride up and down the length of the march, communicating with your team captain and peacekeeping team captains. You may be asked to ride ahead or stay behind. The goal is to have another set of eyes and ears, and another means to move information. Minimum age: 16.

Day of: Arrive at Judkins Park by 1pm to sign-in and meet with the rest of the bike brigade. You are done when we reach the Federal Building.

Other Volunteer Opportunities
– Photographers/videographers: we need some folks to help document the march!

– Sign and banner making prior to the march: more details to come!

– Parade float: Help move the stagecoach float from Judkin’s Park to the Federal Building!