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PRESS RELEASE: El Comité Pro Reforma Migratoria Y Justicia Social addresses rumors about action on May 1st.


For Immediate Release: Sunday April 29, 2012

Contact: El Comité Pro Reforma Migratoria Y Justicia Social,, Twitter Tag: #SeattleMayDayMarch2012

El Comité Pro Reforma Migratoria Y Justicia Social addresses rumors about action on May 1st.

The May Day March and its participants wish to clarify any misinformation being circulated by fringe groups and officials within the Seattle Police Department.


SEATTLE – El Comité Pro Reforma Migratoria Y Justicia Social wishes to reiterate and reaffirm that we in no way encourage the dissemination of any information that encourages our participants to engage in reckless, poorly thought out activities that place our participants and their families in any danger.  Contrary to reports that have been disseminated in the media, the vast majority of participants in May 1st activities do not have the intent of placing participants in danger. Our annual march is set with the intent of engaging the general population in bridging the barriers that divide our worker and social justice communities. True to the spirit of May Day, this march will make every effort to ensure that all are able to participate and connect with one another to progress a vision of community that seeks social justice for all, regardless of immigrant status, race, gender, nationality, ability, and sexual orientation.

On Tuesday, there will be two events; an Occupy Seattle sponsored program at Westlake during the day, and our annual march from St. Mary’s Church, in the evening. We are working with members of Occupy Seattle to make each of our events both safe and effective. Over the course of the last 12 years, we have encountered many challenges with threats of violence from right-wing extremists and white supremacists that have arisen from the work we do. Each and every year we and our allies have worked diligently to overcome such difficulties, to ensure that those who are on the economic and social margins have a space to voice their grievances in the midst of repeated attacks on our labor and immigrant communities. It is in unity that we find power, and it is in peaceful demonstration that we show our greatest strength. This march has, and always will be an event for the people. We will not take any threats of violence lightly and we will ensure that this event, like others past, is also a peaceful procession.

In closing, we ask any individual or entity to immediately cease any attempt to subvert and dismantle the work that we have undertaken for over 12 years. We welcome any and all who wish to work with us and offer support in solidarity. Likewise, we echo the long shore worker’s point which they emphasized in their struggle in Longview, that we as workers and community members are the only ones who can directly address the matters that afflict our communities. We respect the work that many other social justice organizations undertake. As such, we expect this same mutual respect in regard to our own internal workings and democratic structure. There is no need for petty tactics, misinformation, and infiltration of our events for the self-interest of narcissist, self-anointed “activists” who use intimidation and political terrorism to satiate their own egotistical needs. Let us all join as one to ensure we all coexist in a dignified way as workers, community members, students, as human beings.


For more information, contact the following: El Comité Pro Reforma Migratoria Y Justicia Social, 206.650.2106., Twitter Tag: #SeattleMayDayMarch2012