MAY 1st BENEFIT: Trip the Light Fantastic for Solidarity

MAY 1st BENEFIT: Trip the Light Fantastic for Solidarity

Saturday, September 24 · 8:00pm – 11:30pm

King County Labor Temple

2800 1st Ave
Seattle, WA

WE ARE ALL WORKERS – Why not CELEBRATE this fact by joining us? Why not TRIP THE LIGHT FANTASTIC?

This grassroots musical collaboration will be a fabulous time to hang out with friends and contribute to the 2011-2012 Annual May 1st

Great music!


THE SMILE BRIGADE http://www.myspace.com/smilebrigade

JON FRANCOIS [DUG CREW] http://vimeo.com/27409854

Entry: $15 and this includes one beverage ticket.
Doors open: 8 pm, music starts at 9 pm
Perks: There will be a raffle. ALL AGES.

Forward to your community! We want to shake it to the LEFT and into the next year for MAY 1st!!!!

For more information about MAY 1st please visit http://elcomitewa.com/


Co-Sponsored by: El Comite Pro-Reforma Migratoria Y Justicia Social, May 1st Action Coalition, Coalition of Anti-Racist Whites (CARW), Seattle CISPES, Sound Non-violent Opponents of War (SNOW), UNITE HERE Local 8.