“Immigrant” Video::Truth Universal featuring Bocafloja–Hip Hop addressing U.S. Immigration Policy

Check out this video from New Orleans-based hip hop artist Truth Universal.  He and Bocafloja out of Los Angeles use their art to confront the anti-immigration rhetoric that dominates mainstream political discourse in the U.S.  Watch the video above and check out Truth Universal’s press release below for more information on the artist and the song.



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June 02, 2011

“Immigrant” Video::Truth Universal featuring Bocafloja–Hip Hop addressing U.S. Immigration Policy

As immigrants across the U.S. continue to have their human rights compromised, with HB 411(LA), SB 1070(AZ), HB 87(GA), and other copycat legislation, Hip Hop artist Truth Universal responds with “Immigrant” — the lead single from his latest project “Resistance Vol. 2: Polygraph.”  Himself a Trinidad born immigrant, raised in New Orleans, LA, Truth strives to address the plight of the U.S. immigrant, cite the commonality of immigrant struggle regardless of the land of origin, and challenge the contradictions of U.S. immigration enforcement policy.  Amidst the sonic backdrop crafted by DJ Black Panther, Mexican born MC, Bocafloja, assists Truth in his commentary on the subject.

The video was shot in both Mexico City, Mexico and New Orleans, LA, as the two emcees were touring.

“Immigrant” can be viewed/downloaded here: 

YouTube ==> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQN8lR6Qtus


The radio edited single–“Immigrant”–can be heard/downloaded here:


High Resolution photos for press may be found here:




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