MAY DAY 2011: “Se ve! Se Siente! El Pueblo esta Presente!”

Yesterday we celebrated our 11th Annual March here in Seattle, flowing down Jackson Street, and meeting two separate demonstrations, in support of hotel workers represented by UNITE HERE Local 8 (at University ST & 6th AVE), and another protesting the kleptocratic excesses of Chase Bank, on our way down to Memorial Stadium at Seattle Center.

As a last minute addition to our program, we were able to draw former Presidential Candidate and present U.S. Congressperson Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), who marched the five mile route alongside workers, immigrants and social justice activists.

You can see some of the coverage of the march, courtesy of KOMO News at the following link:


We will continue to update the blog as we gather additional information and collect photos from the event.

The Emerald City held its own on a beautiful May 1st day. This march was a visual demonstration and call for unity. We are all workers, budget cuts impact all of us, and access to education is a matter pertinent to all our collective futures.


-El Comite’s Communications Team